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Nick Davies
In terms of music as far back as I can remember I have always loved music and was playing my Mum and Dads records from an early age on my very own secondhand record player. It was not Soul but Rock & Roll and Crooners from a collection of 78’s that I had been given. I even pushed my mother into buying a pair of shoes because it came with a copy of “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” by Elton John and KiKi Dee. My introduction to DJ’ing came in the early 1980’s when I and a school friend use to DJ at his house on two turntables with a collections of vinyl records. We pretended we were on the radio and I have had the desire to play records for people's enjoyment ever since. I was not a Blue-Eyed Soul boy in those days but someone who was a metal head and got his enjoyment from bands like Iron Maiden and AC/DC. The conversion to Soul came later. I got into pirate radio station like Radio Caroline and Lazer 558 which I could listen to quite freely as I was living in Kent at the time, and they broadcasted from the North Sea. In 1987, I went to work in London and started to listen to pirates like Kiss and JFM who played mainly soul and disco. A light switched on in my head and I knew then that this was not only the music I needed to listen to but also to play; the trouble is it took me 25 years to realize that dream thank to radio Winchcombe.
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